OMG—he popped the question!  Eek, it’s official, I’m engaged!  If you are like most of us, you have no idea what to do now that you said yes.  Maybe you do what we’ve seen the newly engaged do on movies and that is our go to as what you have to do. You run out and buy an armful of bridal magazines or google Pinterest for the magical ta-da of what to do next.  You look at all the planning lists, budget requisites, and straight away feel like you have to get everything done right off the bat.

Take a deep and slowly release it because it is all good.  In some cases, this might be needed like if you were getting married in the next few months. However in most cases, wedding planning happens in phases.  You do some stuff for a few weeks—take a break—a few weeks or maybe months later depending on how you are planning your wedding—take another break and so on.

Getting back to the our original question of “Engaged—Now What?” after years of planning weddings and events, I have kinda have come up with some down to earth and genuine outlooks on what you truly need to do soon after you get your bling.  First off, I want you to relish being engaged!  Love that gush of giddiness of being freshly engaged—reveling in the bask of congratulations as you share your exciting news with family and friends because soon people will be asking you all about your plans.

There is no way around it, some things have to be done before anything else.  Lucky for you, most of these things go hand in hand and can even be knocked out in a few hours.

Part Two Coming In A Few………


Carol Pugh