5 DIY Alice In Wonderland Themed Party Ideas

I know we’ve just meet, but let’s be honest we have all been there another birthday, breakfast, brunch to prepare for and not knowing where to start especially without breaking the bank.  All I can say is just escape the dreadful unknown and welcome the tried and true. That’s my hush-hush secret to throwing a party that friends and family will take pleasure in and recall in the years to come.

I find that once I make my mind up on a theme, the key is committing to that theme one hundred and ten percent (I can’t help it I’m what my friends call extra lol!). Think of the theme as something you or your kiddo loves the most in life (at least for the moment anyway) and let it take over your whole entire world for a few weeks. I’m talking decorations, sweets and treats, food, and all the little trimmings and details that fit the theme. Think outside the box and surprise yourself with all you can do.

Here are 5 DIY Alice In Wonderland Party Ideas to help you get your creative mind juices flowing.

Alice In Wonderland DIY Themed Party Ideas

1.    Use your favorite coloring page for decoration inspirations. If you have a presentation projector and a laptop at hand or an EZ Tracer, find a free coloring sheet that fits your theme. Then either using the projector or EZ Tracer, enlarge the picture, trace it (or you are like me find someone with better tracing abilities to trace it for you) on a large poster or white butcher paper, and color it to help set the mood and cover a bigger area that needs decorations.  You can use old frames to help dress up the traced pictures as well.  

2.    Once you have your theme in mind, start looking around your home for free decoration inspiration.  For instance, I used flower pots and I painted them different colors to go with my Alice In Wonderland Teacher Breakfast. I also had some odd and end teapots and cups that I repurposed for flower arrangements.  I even used my grand baby’s stuffed Cheshire Cat for table décor.                            

3.    On the tables, I used a piece of artificial turf that I had in my barn just waiting to finally be used (I told my husband that I would find a use for it one day lol!).  I also used it to make a flower backdrop for pictures.

 4.    My all-time favorite go to places for DIY décor are Wal-Mart and The Dollar Tree.  I got the plastic colorful tablecloths from Wal-Mart and all the colorful paper pompoms and fans from The Dollar Tree.  Those awesome foam flowers came from another favorite of mine Hobby Lobby.  One thing to think about is checking out your local supermarket’s for unexpected decoration gems.  I found those perfect rose hearts marked down at Kroger’s after Valentine’s Day.  I also attempted to make white tulle tutus as aprons for my vision but had some trouble and thanks to Amazon, I was able to still make that vision come to life.

5.    Don’t forget to find the perfect accessories to go with your theme.  For my Alice In Wonderland, I used clear plastic cups, flower printed paper plates, white napkins, and faux silverware.  Whatever you choose, I’m sure of one thing that you will have a blast with this wacky and topsy, turvy party.